Toolmaking is one of our forces. We can deliver the highest quality molds to the best price.


Ulstrup Plast’s state-of-the-art production facility in Denmark ensures that we deliver an optimum injection molding process. Ongoing investment in the latest machines and the most up-to-date technology allows Ulstrup Plast to produce high-quality products that meet your specific requirements.

Our molds are ready for mass production, and we can deliver uniform products that observe tolerances down to 1/100 mm. The production of new molds is carried out in close cooperation with our Chinese partners to ensure short delivery times and competitive prices. If your company requires custom-designed tools or metal parts, we can manufacture these based on your own 3D files. We also offer service and maintenance of injection molds.

Mikkel Ulstrup

Marketing Manager, Ulstrup Plast

We always strive for the best at the lowest cost. We do solemnly believe in our motto: "Quality on time"

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