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In Slovakia we have production in Pobedim and Nove Mesto nad Vahom about 70 km from Bratislava near the north south highway.
We have 140 people employed in Slovakia, by a 5000 sqm. great production and 3,500 sqm. large warehouse.
In Slovakia, we have a comprehensive machine park of 35 machines. This means that all our customers can get their goods shipped from our factory in Slovakia across Europe in no time. Having production in Slovakia allows us to bring you the best prices at the best time.

Company facts

  • 140 Employees
  • 3200 m2 warehouse
  • 5200 m2 production
  • 35 injection molding machines


Our Danish facilities involves our administration, main warehouse, workshop and production. It’s located 25 km. from Copenhagen with a short distance to highway.

In Denmark, we have 30 employees and they are distributed throughout the various departments.

Our Danish department has a fleet of 25 machines all 20-150 tons. We also offer injection molding in a controlled environment which is suited for medical industry. Our modern machinery is fully automated and we have the most efficient machines on the market. This ensures a stable and efficient production.

In our workshop we can repair and produce tools for injection molding.

Company facts

  • 30 Employees
  • 1100 m2 warehouse
  • 1600 m2 production
  • 25 injection molding machines

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Ulstrup Plast is one of our favorite suppliers. They deliver what's promised, they are flexible and they are very helpful. Would definitely recommend them.

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