Ulstrup Plast – 60 years of experience in the production of plastics and molds.

About us

For more than 60 years, Ulstrup Plast has been a leading player in the plastics industry. Based in Denmark, Ulstrup Plast excels in the production of high-quality plastics and molds.

Today, with a strong fiscal foundation and factories in both Denmark and Slovakia, Ulstrup Plast is a full-line supplier of complete plastic and mold solutions.

We handle the entire process, from initial sketches and the production of molds to the injection molding process and the assembly and delivery of the finished and packaged products.

Company facts

  • 170 employees
  • 3 factories
  • Over 12.000 m2
  • 60 % to medico business
  • 12 % to agriculture business
  • 6 % to electronics business
  • 4 % to building business
  • 18 % to all other business’
  • Activity in more than 70 countries
  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Our vision is to be the premier Danish partner in the field of injection molding, mold production, and assembly.

  • Our mission is to create value for our customers through the delivery of high-quality injection molded items, molds, and assembling services.

Enviroment policy

Plastic material is found in countless contexts in our everyday lives, and is used in solutions that benefit both individuals and society. Consequently, life without plastic material is quite unthinkable. However, with such an all-encompassing use of plastic comes a responsibility to ensure that our products do not pose a risk to people or to the environment.

Ulstrup Plast takes this responsibility seriously, and we are deeply committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities. Our environmental work is based onglobal policies and standards, and throughout the company we have introduced an environmental management system constructed in accordance with ISO 14001. We have also joined Operation Clean Sweep, a worldwide initiative aimed at minimizing the loss of resin pellets to the environment.

To achieve this strategy, the company’s management has committed itself to:

  • protect the environment in all its forms, including the prevention of pollution with an emphasis on reducing the risks of using plastic;
  • comply with the legal rules and ethical principles applicable to all activities related to our activities;
  • continuous improvement of the environmental management system to improve environmental performance.

Our mission in environmental protection:

  • reduction of plastic waste from production
  • reduction of our CO2 footprint
  • recycling of plastic waste from production

Søren Ulstrup

CEO, Ulstrup Plast

When quality meets efficiency and productivity, the output is simply astonishing

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Ulstrup Plast delivers on time and with the perfect quality each time. We love doing business here.

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